My Springer Spaniel came down with a mystery skin ailment last summer and it quickly became a major problem for us. He was miserable and the condition got so bad that he could barely go a minute without itching. I went to see my regular vet over and over again for two months with no success. Many hundreds of dollars spent on tests and medications made no difference. I eventually booked an appointment with Dr. Bart Iaia at Renton West to look at alternative treatments for my poor suffering dog. The moment we came through the door, everyone at the practice recognized how desperate our situation was. Dr. Bart and his excellent staff immediately set to work looking for a solution to our problem. After a very thorough exam that included a review of every possible environmental and nutritional cause, we settled on a course of action that combined acupuncture, nutritional changes and western medicines. Within a day of our first visit there were encouraging signs that my dog was feeling better. After three days he was doing much better. We went back steadily over the next month and my dog showed remarkable improvement. After six weeks he was completely cured! Needless to say we go to Dr. Bart for all of our veterinary needs and my dog actually likes going to the vet. Imagine that…

I have had several vets over all of the years that I have been a pet owner and I can say with absolute certainty that Dr. Bart is the very best. Thanks Dr. Bart and everyone at Renton West for all you have done for us.

Dan T.

In September of 2010 Halle started exhibiting signs of back pains in her agility and was whimpering. When we went to Dr. Bart, he started her on a series of acupuncture treatments. The next day she was no longer whining. After three treatments she went to a trial and jumped every jump in sight (11 years old). Over this past year Halle has had monthly treatments and earned two additional titles. Halle retired at almost 12. With acupuncture she had another year of doing what she loves best-jumping. When we started, I was hesitant. I have been impressed with the healing qualities of acupuncture without the use of traditional pain medications. These treatments also halted a case of nausea and diarrhea. I will continue Halle's treatments for health maintenance purposes. Dr. Bart has cared for my dogs for over 10 years, so my faith in his knowledge allowed me to try this treatment. I appreciate his use of both medical and alternative techniques in providing my keeshonden with the best possible treatment for what they may need. He carefully researches his acupuncture technique before each treatment to meet the needs at the time. Whether utilizing traditional medicine or acupuncture, Dr. Bart puts the dog first.

Ann E.

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